How to Meet Your Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are powerful entities that provide you with guidance and protection throughout your lifetime. They are assigned to you at birth and their primary goal is to help you obtain everything you need to fulfill your life purpose.

According to ancient spiritual texts, two types of guardian angels are available to us — Greater Angels and Lesser Angels. It is said that Greater Angels (Archangels) guide the course of cosmic events, while Lesser Angels guide and protect all living things.

Your Guardian Angel’s job is to focus entirely on you. By focusing on your thoughts, actions and words, they are able to help you manifest your beliefs. The phrase “thoughts are things” holds especially true when communicating with guardian angels. These angels of guidance and protection want to assist you along your life path, so it’s important to be aware of the messages you are sending out, as well as the messages the angels send to you.

Guardian angels are also here to assist with special requests. However, you must ask before you receive. There is a universal law which states angels cannot interfere unless their assistance is requested. If you don’t ask, they can’t help. Also be aware that you are responsible for your own actions, as angels are not allowed to interfere with free will.

Guardian angels can help with any request as long as it is positive and causes no harm. If you’ve misplaced something, ask your guardian angels to show you where it is. If you need money, ask your angels to provide it. If you want to know what your life purpose is, ask your angels for guidance.

There’s nothing of a positive nature that guardian angels can’t help you with. However, help is the key word. Guardian angels are here to assist you, but they cannot do everything for you. Nor can they tell you what to do. In essence, guardian angels are your personal life coach offering guidance and support. What you choose to do with the guidance is completely up to you.

When sending out requests to your guardian angels it’s important to be open-minded. Preconceived expectations can limit results, so turn your request over to your guardian angels and know it will be handled for the highest good of all.

Oftentimes, answers appear in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected time. Some results are instantaneous, while others may take months to receive an answer you fully understand. Sometimes requests are granted in a form different than expected. When you recognize your request has been granted, take time to thank your guardian angels.

Before attempting to meet your guardian angels, it is strongly advised that you get into a state of higher consciousness. Doing so allows you to clear any negative energy that may surround you.

To do this, get in harmony with your surroundings. Find a place where you feel safe enough to let your guard down and release your attachment to anger, fear, guilt, or shame. If you find this difficult to accomplish, ask your angels to clear away any negative energies and replace with peaceful, loving energies.

Each of us has access to these compassionate helpers known as Guardian Angels. They are waiting in the wings to assist you on your life journey. Learning how to connect with them can help you create the life you desire and deserve. Working together, in harmony with them, can create miracles.

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